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Thursday, February 22, 2018

In child custody cases, equal custody may not be the answer

As a general rule, it is widely accepted among divorcing couples that things should be split evenly. Texas residents will note this ostensibly applies not only to marital assets but also to child custody. However, some experts have suggested that equal custody does not necessarily translate into the best interest of a child or children. While different people have different opinions on this subject, it is certainly worth considering as one goes through the divorce process. 

The attitude of family law toward alimony is changing

As many in Texas know, how women are viewed by society has changed significantly over the course of the last 60 years. Whereas women were traditionally expected to get married and stay at home and care for children, now more women are attending college and earning degrees. In some cases, men are opting to stay at home and care for children. With that shift, the way women are treated in family law proceedings is also starting to shift, specifically in how alimony is handled.

Telling children about Texas divorce can be challenging

A marital separation is difficult for everyone involved, but most notably upon any children involved. A Texas divorce can profoundly influence a child's life and lead him or her to be frightened, confused and alone. Many family law commentators agree it is vital to carefully handle how to break the news of an impending separation to children. This may help to mitigate any potential impact on the child's development or emotional well-being.

Avoiding costly financial errors in Texas divorce

There are many pitfalls during a separation that can lead to further complications down the line. For those going through a Texas divorce, it can be very easy to fall into difficult financial straits as a result of errors made during the separation process. It may be helpful to consider the following common financial mistakes many make in trying to get through a tough emotional time.

Child custody can be smoothed through communication, support

Divorce is a difficult transition for all parties involved, but it's most especially so for the children of the separating couple. Texas couples who have been through divorce, or who are facing it now, understand that child custody can be at least as complicated as the divorce itself. Many experts agree, however, that maintaining respectful lines of communication and a solid grounding of consistency can help families survive a difficult time.

Texas divorce rates trending upward for older people

In the last twenty years, a new trend in separation has begun to manifest. Texas divorce rates, as well as rates from states all over the nation, have shown a 100% increase for people aged 50 and over. What is being termed "gray divorce" has become more prevalent than ever, and experts believe there are a number of potential reasons for the sudden trend upward.

Overwhelming response for child custody of Texas baby

What could have been a tragic ending for a Texas infant may have a happy ending after all. The baby was found abandoned and inside of a plastic bag. Fortunately, a woman discovered the infant while outside walking her dog. Several people have lined up and have expressed an interest in gaining child custody of the little girl.

What leads happy couples in Texas to divorce?

Most people in a new marriage are not likely thinking about separating from their spouses, but the truth is that many marriages end in divorce. So, what factors can indicate the possibility of a Texas divorce? Understanding influences linked to the possibility of divorce may help identify important predictors and offer couples the opportunity to work on those issues before they become too much to handle. Whether or not being aware of these factors can help couples avoid divorce may not be clear, but the findings are nonetheless interesting.

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