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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Military divorce at an all-time low in Texas and elsewhere

According to a recent study, the rate of military divorce in the Navy and other parts of the Armed Forces is steadily dropping. The frequency with which servicemen and women divorce one another has dropped significantly, based on the independent study. The study, conducted by the Rand Corporation, is seeking to understand the factors that influence military divorce in states across the country, including Texas.

Texas military divorce: Can a spouse keep Tricare?

One of the many concerns that a Texas spouse may have when considering a military divorce is over health insurance. Active duty military members and some other qualified former service members are entitled to receive Tricare. However, if a spouse pursues a military divorce, are they still entitled to keep receiving the health care benefits?

Court ruling might affect Texas military divorces

A court ruling could set a precedent for future cases involving a Texas military divorce. The current ruling states that any military retirement pay that is converted into disability benefits is now exempt from being claimed as alimony. This decision reverses a prior victory for a spouse who was seeking benefits from her ex-husband after their military divorce.

Military divorce often unpleasant reality for returning veterans

While military service has often proven tough on marriages, the divorce rate among veterans coming home from serving in the Middle East has nearly doubled during the course of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, according to recent reports. One Navy medic returning from duty in Afghanistan discovered that unpleasant truth a month before he was scheduled to come home. His only signs of the impending divorce were a questionable email from his wife and then the fact that he couldn't manage to get in contact with her. Many servicemen and women throughout Texas face the same unwelcome reality.

Supreme Court hears alimony case after military divorce

Spousal support can be a sticky subject, especially for those who have to pay it. With that in mind, a case highlighting a veteran's fight to protect his benefits after a military divorce may interest Texas service members who are dissolving a marriage.

Family programs and money could prevent military divorce in Texas

In El Paso, service members and their spouses are well aware of the extra care a marriage may need to avoid the possibility of military divorce. Military personnel can expect long work hours and the possibility of a short-notice deployment, so people in the service may experience marriage strain through no fault of their own. However, military members also tend to hold established institutions in higher regard than the general populace, and that goes for marriage, too.

Retreats available for military families considering divorce

Military families in the El Paso area know that long deployments, lots of travel and an extremely heavy workload can increase stress in an otherwise stable household. When service members are deployed for long periods of time, coming home to Texas can be a challenge when so much may have changed, both at home and with the service member.

Military Child Education Coalition could help Texas children

Parents in Texas who are in the military know that military life can sometimes strain a marriage, even to the point of separation or divorce. Military-connected children are also affected. According to the president of the Military Child Education Coalition, school-aged military-connected children, who now number about 1.2 million, relocate three times as often as civilian students. Additionally, children of active duty parents are also more likely to experience separation problems if a parent is relocated or deployed. As Texas parents know, these issues can complicate military family life, resulting in conflicts between parents, as well as special challenges to providing a healthy education and home life for military-connected children.

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