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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Texas fathers' rights: Being left out could be against the law

When Texas parents go through a divorce or separate, one of the biggest points of contention between them can be the children. One man is attempting to stand up for his fathers' rights in the case of his son. He claims his wife failed to include him in several decisions concerning their son's medical care.

Father wins custody of daughter from afar

An interesting case has thrown the topic of fathers' rights into the spotlight and may interest parents in El Paso who are experiencing child support or child custody issues. A man whose parental rights were once terminated has gained full custody of a daughter he has never actually met.

Child obesity a growing concern in child custody cases

El Paso readers may be aware of the growing concerns over child obesity throughout the country. And parents in Texas will be interested to hear exactly how those concerns have begun to bear considerably on child custody issues. Recently, across the nation, a number of child custody cases regarding obesity have resulted in a child being removed from his or her home.

Texas parents convicted of child abuse may lose parenting rights

At times, child custody issues go beyond divorce and separation. One such case that is particularly saddening to discuss involves a Texas couple who were convicted of abusing their then 10-year-old daughter. The parents are trying to keep their parental rights even as they both sit in prison for injuring their child. The decision as to whether or not this child custody case will result in complete loss of their rights as parents will be left to a jury.The man and woman are not married but have a child in common. They were convicted of forcing their daughter to take a scalding hot shower that left the girl with third-degree burns. The father is now serving a 12-year sentence, while the mother is serving a 13-year sentence. Both parents were also convicted on numerous other charges, all associated with their treatment of their daughter.

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