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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Division of property can extend to retirement savings

Planning for a divorce is something of a contradiction in terms, considering most people who choose to be married likely do not intend for that marriage to end in separation. However, Texas residents who have experienced divorce can attest that once the decision has been made to end a marriage, planning for things like division of property can become of paramount importance to both individuals. The long-term implications of income and property splits, particularly as they pertain to retirement, will be of interest to both parties. 

Some divorce issues may be mitigated by collaborative divorce

Divorce can be a complicated process to understand and in which to take part. Some Texas residents have a strong understanding of the divorce issues which can come into play and make a tough situation even harder – finances, child custody and other factors can turn spouses into enemies by the end of a divorce trial. This is perhaps why some individuals have opted for the comparatively modern "collaborative divorce" model, meant to mitigate some of these issues and smooth the road for everyone involved. 

Guns 'n Roses guitar player faces divorce issues

Celebrity divorce always garners more attention than the separation of others because of the tendency for the wealthy and well-known to spend time in the public spotlight. Texas rock and roll fans may not be surprised, then, to note that famed guitarist Slash of the band Guns 'n Roses is currently embroiled in just such a proceeding. While the divorce issues faced by popular entertainers can be somewhat more complicated than those of the average individual, the root of those issues often remains consistent across the spectrum. 

One U.S. attorney general to deal with divorce issues

A state attorney general has filed for divorce from her husband of 14 years, according to a news report. Texas residents may have already heard about this story, which has been making headlines nationwide. Given the high profile nature of the separation, it is likely the couple will face certain unique divorce issues. However, much of their separation will follow lines familiar to those who have experienced divorce in the past. 

Clint Eastwood overcomes divorce issues to finalize

A legendary actor is finally coming to the end of a years-long divorce battle, according to entertainment news. Clint Eastwood, known here in Texas as a Hollywood staple, has been dealing with divorce issues related to his separation from his estranged wife for some time now. However, apparently the couple has finally reached a stable settlement agreement.

Divorce issues for Bo Duke

The former star of a wildly popular television show is facing a divorce, according to entertainment news. Texas residents will no doubt remember John "Bo Duke" Schneider, of Dukes of Hazzard fame. Schneider's wife has filed for divorce in their home state. Divorce issues for individuals in the public eye can be more complicated than for average citizens, but many of them remain the same. 

Divorce issues for pet owners

People who own pets generally do not think of them as property, but rather as members of the family. Sadly, Texas residents know this is an opinion not shared by the courts, which view pets as inanimate property. Of the many divorce issues faced by couples who are choosing to end their marriages, the problem of pet ownership can be one of the more convoluted. 

Division of property to cost billionaire $1B in settlement

The much-publicized divorce of billionaire hedge fund trader Harold Hamm and his former wife Sue Ann is costing him upwards of $1 billion, according to local sources. However, Texas residents may be surprised to note that this division of property and assets is being contested by Sue Ann, who believes the settlement "grossly undervalues" the magnate's fortune. She is currently appealing the court's decision. 

Considering grey divorce issues

As has been noted in the past, the prevalence of so-called grey divorce is rising around the nation. Here in Texas, baby boomers who choose to separate will face unique divorce issues that younger couples may not face. For those considering grey divorce, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Dealing with issues in Texas divorce

While it is true that virtually no one enters a marriage expecting it to end, it can be helpful for both parties to recognize this as a potential, given that about half of all American marriages result in a subsequent divorce. Those familiar with Texas divorce can attest that many pitfalls exist for those who do not fully understand their rights and responsibilities in a divorce situation. The following are some common mistakes divorcing couples make and how to avoid them.

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