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Thursday, February 22, 2018

New Texas bill could allow additional child custody time

A Texas representative is taking steps to help military parents receive more child custody time. He is sponsoring a bill that could allow children of service personnel the opportunity to receive excused absences from school for a period of up to 10 days if a military parent is preparing for deployment or has since returned from one. This bill could help military personnel who sometimes feel their careers are causing their child custody time to suffer.

Texas divorce and planning for custody during the holidays

Not all Texas families have been lucky enough to escape the awkwardness that the holidays can bring, especially after a family member divorces. While many movies portray the holidays as a warm and fuzzy time, the reality is less Hollywood. Couples who have gone through a Texas divorce may start arguing over child custody and other issues related to holiday visitation times. The holidays are already stressful without the added problems of a Texas divorce. So how do you deal with them?

What happens with child custody when a hurricane strikes Texas?

Texas families are well aware of the devastation that a hurricane or other natural disaster can bring. When faced with an impending hurricane, the thought of child custody is often the last thing on a parent's mind. However, such a disaster can result in lost child custody time and frustration on the other parent's part.

Divorce of prominent couple in Texas heats up over child custody

A bitter divorce in Texas is heating up between a former hand surgeon and his estranged wife. The couple is now involved in divorce hearings in Houston, and the first day involved child custody complaints from both sides.

Lengthy international child custody battle ends for boy in Texas

A Texas divorce can be a long and complicated process. Having clear communication between the parties is often essential to negotiating a property division settlement, a child support agreement, as well as a child custody arrangement. With these issues in mind, readers in the El Paso area will be interested to hear of an acrimonious separation that led to a lengthy custody battle that spanned almost ten years and at least two countries.

Child support, paternity test for rapper Gucci Mane

More often than not, when a child is born out of wedlock in Texas, the single mother makes a claim for a court order that may award child support. At that point, the judge must determine if the man involved is in fact the father of the baby. If the father does not acknowledge paternity, the court generally requires that paternity testing be used to determine the truth. And if the test confirms the parentage, the child custody and support proceedings continue under state guidelines.

Texas parents convicted of child abuse may lose parenting rights

At times, child custody issues go beyond divorce and separation. One such case that is particularly saddening to discuss involves a Texas couple who were convicted of abusing their then 10-year-old daughter. The parents are trying to keep their parental rights even as they both sit in prison for injuring their child. The decision as to whether or not this child custody case will result in complete loss of their rights as parents will be left to a jury.The man and woman are not married but have a child in common. They were convicted of forcing their daughter to take a scalding hot shower that left the girl with third-degree burns. The father is now serving a 12-year sentence, while the mother is serving a 13-year sentence. Both parents were also convicted on numerous other charges, all associated with their treatment of their daughter.

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