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If you have been appointed as the executor or personal representative for the estate of a loved one, it is important to protect yourself and to carry out the duties in the process as effectively as possible. My firm can help you deal with any issues that arise and help you understand the steps to take after the death of a loved one. Being prepared can make a difference in how the process will progress and how the estate will be handled.

At the Law Office of Douglas C. Smith, serving El Paso, Houston, Pearlman and surrounding communities of West Texas, I can help you complete your duties properly and efficiently. I have extensive experience in the probating of decedent's estates under the Texas Probate Code and can advise you through each step of the process.

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If there is a will, then the executor files the will in probate court and assumes the responsibility for administering the estate. Executors also must notify known heirs, identify and inventory assets, pay debts and taxes, handle claims against the estate, assemble the assets of the estate and distribute assets upon the completion of probate.

Unfortunately, problems can arise during the probate process, including allegations that the decedent was incompetent or under undue influence at the time of the last will and testament. I can help you deal with issues in probate, including any problems that could hold up the process.

For more information about probate in Texas, contact the Law Office of Douglas C. Smith for a free initial consultation. Call my firm at 915-235-0311 or toll free at 866-470-4754.

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