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If you need guidance or preparation of a proposed premarital agreement, or if you need an independent review of a draft agreement prepared by your future spouse, contact the Law Office of Douglas C. Smith for the dependable advice of an experienced Texas prenuptial agreement lawyer. I can explain to you just how your rights are affected by the proposed contract, or give you good ideas about protecting your own interests on fair and reasonable terms.

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Prenuptial agreements can make very good sense for people in such situations as the following:

I can help you identify the community property or separate property issues that a prenuptial agreement should address, and draft terms that will satisfy your needs without taking advantage of your prospective spouse. I can also help make sure that the proposed agreement is properly drafted, fully discloses each party’s assets and liabilities, and does not contain any prohibited terms, such as stipulations concerning child support. To the extent that you’re asked to waive spousal support or claims to certain property, I’ll make sure you fully understand the effect of the document you’re being asked to sign.

To find out how my experience and knowledge of Texas family law can help protect your interests, contact an El Paso prenuptial agreement attorney at the Law Office of Douglas C. Smith.

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