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Divorce is never easy but for military officers there can be additional challenges since there are typically more assets to divide. The same issues of child custody and visitation, child support, military retirement benefits and spouses’ rights still need to be resolved, and it is important to have an experienced military divorce attorney assist you through the process.

El Paso Military Officer Divorce Attorney

At the Law Office of Douglas C. Smith in El Paso, I have practiced family law throughout West Texas for 30 years. Before opening my legal practice, I served in the Army as a JAG officer at Fort Leavenworth, the Panama Canal Zone and Fort Bliss, Texas. I have seen firsthand the strain that military service can place on a marriage and have seen many marriages involving military officers end in divorce.

Texas Attorney for Military Divorce and Retirement

My firm provides advice and representation to active duty military officers or their spouses anywhere in the world by phone and/or e-mail. If it is possible to get jurisdiction over your case in El Paso County, Texas, then I can handle your divorce and related family law issues on a remote basis.

Through my combination of military experience and a thorough understanding of the Texas Family Code, I can be a helpful resource for officers who require legal assistance. My firm will properly valuate properties and other assets that have been accumulated during your marriage, and assist with difficult matters of jurisdiction and division of military benefits.

I look forward to speaking with you regarding your family law matters and helping you through the process of divorce as efficiently as possible. For more information, contact the Law Office of Douglas C. Smith for a free initial consultation. Call my firm at (915) 593-6600 or (915) 256-0579.

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