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If you’re an active duty servicemember who’s divorced with one or more children, you’ve probably noticed by now that the terms of the divorce decree that address your visitation rights probably don’t do you much practical good if you’re serving in Iraq, Korea, or anywhere else in the world on an extended tour or short-swing redeployment. If you’re an active duty National Guard member in this situation, it might be even more difficult after several years or more of regular parenting time, alternate weekends, and every other holiday.

If you need help with modifying the terms of your parenting plan or visitation order so that you actually get to see your children when you finally make it home, contact me in El Paso at the Law Office of Douglas C. Smith. I can assist with the adjustment of your visitation and holiday schedule so that your visitation rights as ordered by the court will have some practical value for you.

Recent amendments to the Texas Family Code take the problems of active duty military personnel into explicit account by providing for some flexibility in the adjustment of parenting plans and visitation arrangements. This is especially valuable when both parents are in military service, and each is at the mercy of their military assignments.

The new Texas Family Code visitation provisions also allow military personnel to designate relatives, such as grandparents, to adopt a portion of their parenting time rights as set forth in the divorce decree. Where more substantial adjustments are necessary, I can advise and represent you in that area as well.

For additional information about my ability to help you with difficult parenting situations while you’re serving overseas, contact me in El Paso for a free consultation.

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